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Do you need tile installers for your residential or commercial property in Allston MA? Do you want to know what is the best tiler near me? Interested in knowing what is the rough tile installation cost? Meet Tile Co! As one of the best tile installers Allston MA, we provide a wide array of tile installation services.

From backsplash installation to tile floor installation and shower tile installation, you can rest assured you have real pros working on your project. Our professional customer service and, well-trained experienced tilers can be of immense help for you to find the right tile for your project and then perfectly execute the tile floor installation project at the best tile installation cost. Our skills:

Full Kitchen Remodeling

Full Shower Remodeling

Custon Floor Installation

Shower Pan Repair

Contact us today for convenient, reliable & high-quality tile floor installation in Allston MA.

As one of the best tile contractors in the Allston area, we work diligently to use high-quality tile materials at the best cost possible and successfully complete all projects. We quickly established as professional tillers that can be of immense help for a variety of tile installation projects. Maybe that was the key to our fast growth in the area.

So, no matter if you are searching for tile installers for new tile floors, tile walls, tile countertops, backsplash installation, or similar tile projects, our professional tile installers can help you from A to Z with always-amazing results.

Choose us when you search Tile installers near me and we promise eloquent help to choose the best tile, as well as perfect execution of your tile flooring project. What’s great is that we are a highly resourceful tile contractor. Meaning when you work with Tile Co Allston MA you can pick from hundreds of diverse colors & tile shapes. Meaning you can blend and match tile colors and types to make a style that’s original to you!

Tile Installers Allston MA Services

Our clients are our number one priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our work. Have a specific project that requires professional attention? Our services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects.

tile floor installtion Allston ma

Tile Floor Installation Allston, MA

Are you in need of new tile floor? Schedule your tile floor installation to get the most reliable flooring material around. Our professionals can install floors in a variety of colors and styles.

bathroom tile remodeling Allston ma

Bathroom Tile Installation Allston, MA

Make your bathroom look more elegant and modern with a new tile floor installation. We can help you achieve the look you want, and we ensure that the installation process goes smoothly.

backsplash installation Allston ma

Backsplash Installation Allston, MA

There’s nothing like a new backsplash to revitalize the appearance of your kitchen. If you’re looking for a professional backsplash installer in AllstonMA, you’ve found what you need right here.

How We Work

First, you need to prepare the tile installation room. What this means is that before our tilers come you need to have the area free of furniture, electronics, or similar objects. Additionally, your existing flooring needs to be gone (we can consult you for best practices).

Then our team comes to perform the tile flooring installation. It is worth mentioning that your subfloor needs to be concrete. If that’s not the case, our tillers need to install concrete backer boards before completing the actual tile installation. The reason behind is simple: tile flooring is a simple process, but it requires specific subfloor preparation. So, we never overlook this step.

The last step is for our tile installers to complete the tile floor installation. Our tile installers are trained and skilled to expertly trim and cut each tile for your project in Allston MA. Additionally, they are experienced in precisely spread grout, mortar, and lay each tile into the area. Then you just need to wait (usually more than 2 days) for the tiles to solidify. After that, you can finally enjoy your new durable and absolutely gorgeous tiles. 

Tile Services – Tile Installation Contractor Allston MA

Here at Tile Co, we take pride in providing the services and satisfying our customer needs. We specialize in Commercial and Residential Tile Installation with all kinds of material, like ceramic, marble, porcelain etc…

Tile Flooring Allston, MA

Tile can be both modern and timeless, available in a number of natural, stylish, and durable materials that are suitable for a variety of spaces. Tile is not just for your floors! You can also use tiling for backsplashes, wall features, shower walls, and more. No matter if you need porcelain tile, ceramic tile, glass tile, or natural stone tile for your commercial or residential property in Allston, we can help you.

Tile Repair Allston, MA

No matter if you have a property with damaged tile flooring, or your tiles partially damaged due to an accident, we can repair your tile flooring, backsplash tiles, countertop tiles, and basically any tile installation you currently have on your property by using the same tiles and colors. Call us today and book our tile repair services so you can turn any flooring into an amazing looking one.

Tile Restore Allston, MA

Do you feel like your tile flooring is getting dated? Don’t want to change the style or the flooring? Or you need tile disposal and removal so you can complete a tile installation project? Then contact us today for professional tile restore services where our tillers work to restore your tiles, match them with the other tiles, and make them as new.

Tile Care Allston, MA

While we rarely provide tile care & preventative maintenance services, our professional customer team can provide you with tips and recommend products to protect your tiles from damages, scratches & expected wear from heavy traffic in your rooms or yard. You can trust Tile Co of Allston for your next tile flooring installation or repair project.

Our Projects & Free Estimate

Explore our projects where we are the main tile contractors. Found something interesting, or you simply have questions about your project, supply, materials, and quantities? Contact us for our residential and commercial property estimate services in Allston. We offer FREE estimates about your tile installation project to help with deciding what materials to order and the approximate tile installation cost: Shower tile installation Allston MA, Tile installers near me Allston MA, Backsplash installtion Allston MA, Tile contractors Allston MA, Tile floor installation, Ceramic tile installation Allston MA.

Our Tile Installers Team

Throughout the years we have completed a team of experienced and trained tile installers that also provide exceptional customer service in Allston. Be sure that they will complete the agreed tile installation project on time and with complete professionalism. Our professional installers are highly skilled when it comes to spreading grout, mortar, and laying the tile pieces. Meaning you can rest assured that your tile installation will be done at the highest professional level possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tile Installers Allston MA – Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Installation – Answered By Our Professional Tile Contractors Bathroom Tile, Kitchen Tile, Backsplash Tile & Tile Floor Installation

How Long Does It Take to Tile 10 Square Feet?

For this kind of “small” project, you will need somewhere between 4-5 hours. This includes preparing the floor for flooring, tiling, cleaning, and overhead the whole area for best results and quality.

How Much Do Tiles & Tile Installation Cost?

The total installation cost usually costs between $10-$20 per square foot. When it comes to cost breakdown, the tiles usually cost between $4-10, while the tile installation can cost between $5-$15 depending on your area of living. Often projects as bathroom tile flooring installation come with additional costs such as removal, preparing, and materials.

How Much Does Tile Flooring Cost in Allston MA?

In general, it depends on the area that needs tile floor installation. This is because the tile installation cost is calculated per square foot and here the minimum project size (usually 200 sq. ft) plays a large role. Normally, the smaller projects cost more because the tile installer his prep and cleaning time, and also overhead. That being said on average it costs somewhere between $10-$17 per square foot to finish a tile flooring installation.

How Hard is To Install Tile Flooring?

While the tile installation will not be physically hard for a person who is moderately physically active, tile flooring requires skills and knowledge for successful project competition.

How Do You Estimate a Tile Job?

Here are some prices that will make things clearer if you want to know the exact price for your tile installation or tile repair project. On average for materials and installation, you need to pay somewhere between $15-20 per square foot. So, the average for a backsplash tile project is around $1.5k. The price for a countertop is usually between $3000-$4000.

Are ceramic & porcelain tile different?

Porcelain tiles are produced by kiln-firing clay and other natural elements, which are then either left to cool as is or transformed to mimic the appearance of stone, wood, concrete, or other materials. Ceramic tiles use lower temperatures during kiln-firing, which gives them a softer, more porous, and less dense finish. Compared with porcelain, ceramic tiles are cheaper when it comes to pricing.

Tile Installers Near Me

The job done right guarantee. delivered by Tile Co, a proud tile company in Allston, Massachusetts.

If it’s time to start making serious upgrades to your home, then you need to call a team of experts who can deliver quality work at a reasonable price. Our crews of tile contractors in Allston MA can come to your home and provide an unparalleled level of craftsmanship for any size project. No matter if your tile project is large or small, our professionals will give you a level of quality and all-around professionalism that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

With hundreds upon hundreds of jobs under our belts, we have established a reputation for customer satisfaction and reliability. If you’ve been looking for a team of Allston tile installers who can provide all the care and attention to detail you need, look no further. Schedule an appointment and learn more about our tile installation services in Allston MA and beyond.

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Michael Doe

Needham, MA

They remodeled our bathroom. We liked them so much we had them do the floor as well. They were fantastic. They did a remarkable job.

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Jamie Russ

Wayland, MA

Guys were very easy and accommodating to work with. He was prompt and dressed professionally along with his crew!

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kathy O'donnell

Sherborn, MA

Tile Co performed a shower remodel for us. They were always on time, extremely neat and readily explained to us each and every step of the process.


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